Precision Grizzlies
The Precision Grizzlies are back and now feature a fresh all new anodized Blue and Grey. These precision milled trucks tip the scale on of high end product design with clean lines and unmatched performance. Using Titanium kingpins and axles we`ve kept the weight down to 350 grams per truck while simultaneously increasing strength and long-term durability. Shrink-interference axles eliminate slip and, with these, you`ll never have to worry about threaded axles coming loose. Engineered with a 45 degree baseplate and 8-hole mounting pattern, Precision Grizzlies allow you to fine tune your wheelbase for high-speed bombing and low-speed freeriding all at once. These trucks are the ultimate in downhill precision, once you go Bear, you won`t go back.

For a limited time we are packaging the Precisions with a Bear bandana, Spaceball Bearings, Custom Bushing combo and Bear stickers. Fully dial-in and tweak your set up!
Precision Grizzlies Package: $399.99

Includes 1 set of Precision Grizzlies. Spaceball Bearings, Bear bandana, custom bushing combo and Bear sticker.



-Limited Gun Metal and Blue Metal Finish
-Lifetime kingpin breakage guarantee
-Titanium Kingpins and Axles
-Shrink-interference fit Axles
-Bushing seat engineered through months of rider input
-Bear Claw bushing grips milled into the baseplate
-45 Degree, 8 hole baseplate