Name: Katie Neilson

Date of Birth: June 5, 1987

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Current Residence: Vancouver, BC

Stance: Goofy

Whos got style?: Lots of style out there. I like the ones that make it look effortless.

Who do you normally skate with?: Im lucky, I get to travel around a lot for skating and it allows me to shred with some friends from all over the place, I don't really have a 'crew' aside from the regulars in the Van.

We heard you like go-karts...tell us whats up with that?: Go Karts are fully my first love. I was sat in a drivers seat at 5 years old, started racing at 7 and continued on until my teens. On the odd occasion I get the chance to jump back in a seat and kill it, but it's not too often. I would love to start racing again, I'm better in a go-kart than on a skateboard.

Downhill Setup: Wolfshark, precision bears, double yellow venom and white biggie hawgs

Freeride Setup: Wolfshark, precision bears, double yellow venom and yellow zombies

Slashing Setup: Ripple Ridge complete!

Website, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Instagram etc.:, Instagram: @KatesLynne

Wolfshark Precision Grizzlies 76mm Zombie Hawgs

Wolfshark Precision Grizzlies 70mm Biggie Hawgs

Ripple Ridge Polar Bear 155's 62mm Street Hawgs