World's first longboard park

The City of Kamloops was stumped with what they should do with a piece of crown land within the city. So the local longboarders decided to show up and
inform the city council about longboarding. Long story short, Kamloops now has the first offical longboard park in the world and we were there to check it out!



Stephen Vaughn in Vancouver

This year Stephen Vaughn spent his first summer in Vancouver, and he made ever minute count!


Search for Sasquatch

 You don’t have to take a plane half way across the world for an adventure.
Hop in the van as the team goes on the search for epic spots and the elusive Sasquatch!


Skate & explore episode 4

fter finding a skate park in the middle of no where the crew come across some of South Africa's famous wildlife.
Then they hit up the world biggest bungee jump.
They finally wrap the whole trip up with an amazing slide jam just outside of Cape Town in Llandudno.
Tons of stoked skaters and local spectators help send them off with a bang.



Skate & Explore episode 3

With the rain at their backs the crew head up to Durban for a graveyard session, then finally makes it to the Valley of Thousand Hills,
where gnarly, steep, dirt roads turn into beautiful butter smooth pavement.


Skate & Explore episode 2

 It's hard to say good bye to a city as beautiful as Cape Town but the show must go on.
The crew heads to the mountains of Franschhoek to get some long bombs, then further north to an abandoned road with killer cats eyes.


Skate & Explore episode 1

The boys in Vancouver leave unfavourable conditions for a 30+ hour travel day to arrive in Cape Town
and meet up with the rest of the Australian crew. Perfect weather and amazing
skate terrain await as they make there way down to the tip of South Africa, Cape Point.


World record stand up slides Boss Hawgs

A few years ago Wolf did a huge standup slide on a very steep hill.
Now that Hawgs have released the Boss Hawgs, Wolf decided to revisit the hill with Billy Bones and Graeme Hystad to push the slide further.