Dillon Vs. The World - China

Nick Hurley and myself got the pleasure of traveling out to China to attend the Fortune Hill Challenge put on by X-Wing distribution. Over the next week we met some awesome locals, skated a very insane road, and put weird food in our mouths. Here's what my phone captured


We left Vancouver on our 14 hour flight at 2am, enjoyed some free red wine and fell in and out of consiousness until time didn't seem to mater anymore... the jetlag was very real


As soon as we arrived to our hotel the media showed up and was very curious as to what we do exactly, so Nick grabbed his 9two5 and showed them how it is done


My first priority was get a bag full of weird seemingly disgusting food and put them all to the test. This duck foot was ok, not much meat though. I enjoyed the bag of crabs I devoured much more.


All the foreigners woke up early and were feeling antsy in our hotel, so we marched deep into the forest where we found a slippery muddy trail going straight up and along the ridge of a mountain. Here is Nick and myself carefully descending back below the clouds


After breakfast we all decided to walk the track and get our first good look at this beast. It is so steep and so narrow, just the way we like it


First night mingling with the locals we decided to show them some beer pong. Then this homie showed up, played for his first time, and put all of us to shame.


So here is the schedule... hmmm I think it says go take a photo with two cute Chinese girls for good luck


Ok found them, now it's time to race


Our main man Yonkee sending it down the very enjoyable waterfall right. Def my favorite turn on that track


A couple Landyachtz riders managed to hold it down and get on the podium for womens and masters ft. F*%k the World


Nick threw a fresh Wolfshark into the crowd and this guy walked away with a bloody smile


Race is over and it's time for some celebrating In the city with this amazing crew. Huge thanks to x-wing for getting everybody together and showing us a great time.

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