Push For The Cure 2017

As Fall turns and we near the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, plans set in motion to complete another round of Push for the Cure, a 150+ kilometer skateboard demonstration aimed to raise funds for breast cancer research. Skaters from all walks of life assemble at the skatepark in Hope, British Columbia Saturday morning, and begin the long-haul to Stanley Park in Vancouver. The entire distance takes three days to complete, and the pink clad riders garner plenty of attention.

Push 1

2017 is the 11th year Push for the Cure took place. In its original year Benjamin Jordan, Rob Lewis, Aaron Jackson, and Carlos Koppen set off on a cross-Canada longboard push to benefit and raise funds for breast cancer research, spanning the east coast of Canada and ending thousands of kilometers later at Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia. The group of four were met in Hope by a large collection of Coast Longboarding community members, and the final days were completed in critical mass.

Push 2

Over the years, numerous chapters to Push for the Cure have assembled and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for breast cancer research. In 2017 the Vancouver chapter came together as a small group of passionate veterans, but don't let size be the only gauge, spirits were higher than ever. It should be noted that a few crucial individuals ensure the safety of the skaters and success of the weekend. A special shout out to Lori Dixon, Bryce Ferris, and Stuart Pettie for their continued effort.

Push 3

As the group set off, pit stops were essential for the long journey.

Push 4

The weekend started out gloomy, but soon the sun was shining, allowing the skaters to really clock in those kilometers.

Push 5

Bryce Ferris, one of the organizers for the weekend, was always staying on top of things and ensuring everything was lined up for the riders ahead of time.

Push 6

In the tenth year of Push for the Cure, Bricin Lyons helped line up special high visibility vests, and the riders all dawned them again for this years demonstration.

Push 7

When pushing 150 kilometers, it's important to keep those muscles good and limber.

Push 8

Landyachtz legend Stuart “Stumanchu” Pettie and Lori Dixon drove the support vehicles for the duration of Push for the Cure, carrying everyones food and gear between rest locations.

Push 9

In the final kilometers of the trip, the skaters take on the streets of Metro Vancouver.

Push 10

Three days and 150 kilometers later, it all comes to an end under the totem poles at Stanley Park. Despite the groups size, they continue to make an impact on a disease that affects many people throughout the world, and for years to come will continue to Push for the Cure.

Words by Riley Harris. Photos courtesy of Lori Dixon, Kris Gunderson, and Jurgen Borovica.

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