Skatie Chases Bricin Across America #2

Last week my old roommate Jessica and I started the journey of driving Bricin 'Striker' Lyons family vehicle to Nova Scotia, where he is relocating Coast Longboarding to the brand new Church of Skatan. Trying to make up the two day headstart he had on me in order to accomplish my goal of beating him to the tip of the east coast, we opted to cross the border and go the faster American route which has led to many wonderful big and small town discoveries! At last check in, we had just gotten to Milwaukee and Bricin was a little behind us somewhere in Ontario.


Wisconsin was a beautiful state to drive through. Once we were at the hotel in Milwaukee and knew we were ahead, we parked the little chevy at the worst Motel 6 I've ever been to and promptly left the only room left in town in search of a Saturday night party.


We did not find a party, instead, we terrorized a small local Bar Louis located in a strip mall beside our hotel (Aka the only thing open after 9pm in the area we found ourselves in).


We jumped in the car at checkout the next morning and drove straight to Chicago. I needed to prioritize an oil change so i took a fast, random exit off the highway and ended up in a really cool area of town. Within minutes, I saw a parking lot of skateboarders and I pulled in, took my boots off and joined in on the fun.


After making quick friends with the s.k.a.t.e. playin parking lot locals Jessica and I went for our own little rip to check out all the colorful graffiti we were seeing. My favorite was this tiny little 'playas only'.


Said it before and I'll say it again this little Laguito deck is amazing. It's the perfect cross of street capable and cruising. Jessica found it the easiest to ride as well so I've been fightin' her tryin to keep it under my toes, but she does make it look pretty good.


We stopped into the little downstairs skate cave at Chicago's W82 shop. It was air conditioned and cool and we were lovin it. There was a cubs game just lettin out so the walking crowd was heavy and keeping the staff busy We kept on our way because we were starving and trying desperately to find a place so we could stay in the city longer. Between the baseball game and the greenbay football game there was no way we were going to end up in something reasonable still.


I've always been a fan of the downstairs style skate cave.


Something you might not know about me is that one of my dreams is to make a winding staircase. Its gonna happen, check back in a few years.


We couldn't find a place in chicago which turned out to be awesome because Mike Dallas offered us a spot in Grand Rapids, MI. We rolled in super late and I immediately sat on the couch that felt so much like home. Mike is now the only other person I know that sets up targets to shoot bb guns from the couch while watching funny videos and playing with various skill testing toys.


He took us canoeing and we shot firecrackers with a slingshot and dumped into the water twice. Jessica doesn't have a phone anymore.


We took off Tuesday eve for a late night grand rapids tour and skated parking garages all night. We had a blast! The Laguito, once again, coming out as the champ for the evening.


Wednesday morning I had woken up to discover that Bricin made it a little bit ahead of me. I told Jessica to pack her bags and get ready for the border, said goodbye to Mike and hit a taco bell en route to the border. We are going to cross at Detroit/Hamilton and I am not stopping until I can't keep my eyes open anymore.

The 'plan' as of now is to get into Canada and go through Toronto and get to Montreal. If i can do this 11hr stretch today we'll be ahead of him once again. Jessica is going to be getting out of the car and off my trip to Nova Scotia in Montreal and doing her own thing, I'll miss her but I cover more ground driving solo.

Oh Canada, here we come!

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