Striker's Farewell Tour

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Founder of Coastlongboarding and long-time team rider Bricin Striker Lyons is doing his farewell cross-Canada trip in his RV (known as the Cribb Bomb). It is not a farewell tour because he is retiring from the longboard scene, he is actually moving from Vancouver, BC all the way to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia! He recently purchased a church that he will be converting into the Church of Skatan! Another thing that makes this trip special is that he will be having pro skater Rick McCrank along for the trip and Vice will be documenting the journey.

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Check out the insane route they will be taking with an RV full of 10 plus guys!

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He has filled the van with a group of committed downhill skaters from all over including team rider Troy Grenier.

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Luckily some of the guys, like Troy, are handy with repairs. They tore a chunk of the roof off and had to do a bit of repair work on it.

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Turns out the Cribb Bomb also needs a new radiator and Ricky stoked to install that.

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They take pits stops whenever they can for some hills to skate, cheap food to eat, and the occasional moment to wash off in a nice clean lake.

bricin cen mass

The RV barely made its way to the Central Mass skate event and was there just in time to snap a quick photo of Steven Vera at the slide jam. Bricin handed out Coast Medals to the winners and they were back on the road.

bricin niagara

Unfortunately, they couldn't go for a swim here to get washed off.

bricin church

Although the church is the halfway point of this trip, it is definitely the big destination. Bricin got the keys to the Church Of Skatan and will be returning back to Nova Scotia with his family to start a new life on the East Coast of Canada. But first, they have to make the drive back West!

bricin new york

Their time in Nova Scotia was short and sweet and they were back on the road headed west. And what better place to stop for a picture than in Times Square! Not sure if this parking spot was legal though...

bricin colorado

They made a straight shot from the East Coast to the Square State of Colorado. The land of big mountains and even bigger hills to bomb.


Bricin felt right at home with his downhill board and some of the fastest hills in the world.

bricin desert

Where is the Cribb Bomb headed next?!? Not quite sure. To stay up to date on what is going on follow Bricin (@Coastlongboarding) or Troy (@troy_yardwaste) on Instagram to keep up on their adventures!

Also, if you feel like helping them out Bricin has started a GoFundMe page to get donations for the Church of Skatan and their trip out East.

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