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Euro Tour 2019

Blog Travel Euro Tour 2019

The crew getting after it on a particularly scenic Austrian Alp.

Words by Dexter Manning

Photos by Ty Topping


Scroll down for our Downhill Skating 2019 World Race Tour Video!

Best crew to jam 5 deep into a minivan. Photo Dane Hanna.

WRG was a World Championships event that allowed racers who qualified to compete under a national banner for the first time. It was an exciting thing to be a part of and the organizers really went all out to put on a world-class event. Max and Tyler were there as part of the American delegation and Landyachtz was well represented by an international crew including Elissa Mah for New Zealand, Troy Grenier for Canada and Max Grosfeld for the Netherlands.

There was no grip in the wet but it was pretty fun to freeride.

Verdicchio Race track preview with the whole squad

Kyle flossing hard.

I got to show Spanish shredder Javier Taboas down my favourite road in the world. He slayed it.

Max getting after it on an Austrian pass

We had a pretty packed schedule with all the races on this trip but I definitely enjoy the freeriding that we get to do on these trips more than anything so these couple days in the mountains camping and skating passes were a definite highlight for me.

Kyle crushing a toeside in the Austrian Alps.

Matt really knows his way around the Kozakov track and was looking set for a really good result before he got hurt.

Matthew loves Kozakov.

We found a bunch of pigs on the side of the road at one of the Romanian passes we skated, They loved Kyle.

Toeside into Pablo's corner in front of Czech ripper Vašek Čvančara.

Kyle contemplating existence after going way too fast on his skateboard all day.

The crew on top of an Austrian mountain way too early in the morning.

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