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Toronto Board Meeting 2019

Blog Travel Toronto Board Meeting 2019

Toronto Board Meeting - Slidejam

The Toronto Board Meeting is a spectacle of skateboarding and homie-ship, dressed up in disruption but with only good intentions at heart.  Combining ~400 people, skaters or otherwise, is a surefire way to induce chaos on any city, let alone Canada’s largest!  Combine the population density with train-track riddled roads and you’ve got yourself pure pandemonium!!


Scroll down for The Board Meeting video!

At least it wasn't raining in the Garages...

Thanks for not arresting us ?

This year we sent Steven Vera, Alex Hannigan and Liam McKenzie, plus our videographer Guff and photographer Jacob Lambert.  A small crew but they know how to get stuff done in a heartbeat! Which was exactly what was required for the trip as it was addled by rain, time and the fact we pushed everywhere!

Team Rider Molly Vaclav killed it at the Jam.

The Grass Ride Gauntlet

Everyone is welcome!

Janesfu Outlaw Race

Alex Hannigan using every bit of pavement.

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