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David Rudgers

Sacramento, California

Born: 1994

Street, transition, burly hills, and everything in between. David “Fingerbang” Rudgers is a true ATV when it comes to skating. Having a team rider with his skill set has forced us to continually improve our designs to meet his needs. Now that he lives in the sunny state of California he’s putting in TONS of time on a board.



What hooked you on skateboarding?

I don’t really remember the story exactly* I had a skate park just up the street from my house and one of my best friends wanted to go so I borrowed one of his decks – Basically, I remember never stopping after that day, that was about 16 years ago.

What are your hobbies?

Skateboarding (duh) Video games, music & art

Any hidden talents?

Not sure if this counts but I’ve accomplished some crazy shit in video games and in general i’m just good at them. I also can play drums.

The best piece of advice/wisdom for new riders?

Be cool and don’t be a piece of shit. Also, take care of your body while you’re young.

Team rider David Rudgers ollie on ATV in California
Team rider David Rudgers board slide ATV in California

Favourite setup?

My everyday setup is an ATV street deck with Caliber trucks and Chubby Hawgs. For downhill, I go back and forth between a Gambler or the Sidewalker. I’ll set both of them up with Caliber precision trucks and I ALWAYS use White Mini Monsters for bombing hills or Easy Hawgs for cruising and freeride.

If you had to have only 3 Landyachtz boards for the rest of your life, what would they be?

ATV street deck – Sidewalker – Top Speed 34

Favourite skater? Or who inspires you?

Tons of people inspire me – James Kelly has always been one of my favorite DH skaters, Matt K too. both of them have the best style on a big skateboard. Big Dave, Nick Ronzani & the SF crew. Matt Rodriguez, Ricky Winsor & John Cardiel (All from Sacto) have been a huge influence on me as well. Byron Essert is probably my favorite skater, as far as I know, he can actually skate everything… Hills, street,vert.. anything at all.

First Landyachtz board?

I borrowed a demo 9two5 from Rip City Skate for a while so that was the first one I rode. The first one I ever actually had for myself was when I got my first box of gear from Landy and it was the original 2011 Wolf Shark. I still have it today!

Team rider David Rudgers bombing hill in California

What would you change in Skateboarding if you had the chance?

Get rid of the racist and homophobic attitudes in skateboarding. Yeah, even in skateboarding it still exists…

Favorite music to skate too?

I’ve got all kinds of stuff I enjoy listening to, far too much to call out individually. So i’ll just link you guys to one of my playlists on Spotify 

In your opinion, what is the role of a team rider?

Well when a company sponsors you it’s because they see something in you. You will be sent gear and travel to new places so make that investment for the company worth it. Help give the company a good image and reach out to other riders and people involved with the company to stay connected.

What does being a professional skater mean to you?

First off, recognizing that you have an amazing opportunity. You need to treat that with respect and take full advantage of that opportunity. Work on perfecting your skill and work on building yourself for the future. Most sponsored skaters only make it 2 or 3 years before they’re either hurt or quit etc… Make it last! Also, the connections and friends you make through skateboarding can be something that stay with you for life – even after skateboarding.

What is your dream setup? It doesn’t even need to exist!

Some kind of hybrid street/DH deck that I personally create (With Landyachtz.. looking at you..) with a good broken-in set of Caliber trucks and some small soft wheels.


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