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Rachid Moujahid

Agadir, Morocco

Born: ’97

Rachid knows a thing or two about style.  His skating, videography and photography are on a level that reflects the beauty of his hometown: Agadir.



What hooked you on skateboarding?

It gives me the opportunity to continue skating, improving my level, and producing great ideas for making great videos.

What are your hobbies?

Phone photographer, phone video creator, traveling

Any hidden talents?

I am passionate about film photography and still, I don’t have a camera but at least I try it just on the phone.

The best piece of advice/wisdom for new riders?

Nothing is impossible, just believe in yourself and always have fun.

Favourite setup?

  • Hollowtech Stratus 46 Superflex 2020
  • 63mm easy hawgs
  • Gen 6 Bear Trucks (180mm 50°)
  • Spaceballs 8mm steel Bearings


If you had to have only 3 Landyachtz boards for the rest of your life, what would they be?

  • Hollowtech Stratus 46
  • Revival superchief
  • And any Dinghy


Favourite skater? Or who inspires you?

  • Austyn Gillette
  • Dylan Rieder
  • Camilo cespedes


First Landyachtz board?

It was a Holofoil Stratus Faction 40

Favourite music to skate too?

Check out my spotify playlist

In your opinion, what is the role of a team rider?

A member of an international longboard company that supervises and supports him on international competitions and in the country in which he lives.

What does being a professional skater mean to you?

He has good skills, his own style. He’s effective in social media, and he has an important place on the skateboarding community and is known internationally

What is your dream setup? It doesn’t even need to exist!

All landyachtz boards are my perfect setup for me 😏


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