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We’ve partnered with Portland-based skateboarder and artist Skip Marcotte to produce 31 hand-painted, hand-shaped skateboards. Skip began skating in the early 80s as a freshman in Gainesville Florida and creates art under the name turnco. With the motto: Reduce, Reuse and Reshred, Skip started by taking old popsicle boards and reshaping them into unique, surf like cruisers. Putting turnco into practice, Skip then used recycled materials to hand paint each shape he created. His art is inspired by east coast surf culture and features bright neon colors, funky patterns and surf imagery. Each board he creates is handcrafted and a one-of-a-kind piece of skateable art.



In the spirit of turnco, we gave Skip 31 decks, which have been hiding in our warehouse for a few years and told him to go nuts with them. Each board has been reshaped and hand-painted by Skip in his home studio. When we got the decks back we had our Pandora warehouse dudes set these board up in cool, skateable configurations.

We will publish a new batch of seven boards a week, beginning August 1st.
Each board will be assigned to its own day of the week.
Each day we will release that day’s board for purchase, at 10 am PST.





How to purchase a One-of-a-Kind Landyachtz X turnco board:

Sign up to receive weekly email updates on turnco Board a Day
Each week, check the boards that will be available for the following 7 days.
Take note of the boards you like most and which day they will be available for purchase
Head to landyachtz.com/board_a_day-turnco on your favorite boards day.
Boards will become available daily at 10 am PST each day. Be quick, there’s only one!


Board Release Schedule:

AUG 1st  – Boards 1 – 7 | All viewable August 1, available daily at 10 am pst
AUG 8th – Boards 8 – 14 | All viewable August 8, available daily at 10 am pst
AUG 15th – Boards 15 – 21 | All viewable August 15, available daily at 10 am pst
AUG 22nd – Boards 22 – 31 | All viewable August 22, available daily at 10 am pst

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