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Get it in time for Christmas - Order before December 13 and you're good! Order by December 19 and you must select Expedited Shipping.

Christmas is a time for giving. This year, we’ve put together some wicked, customizable skate packages, making it extra easy to give the gift of skateboarding this holiday season. Packages have been set up to include extra goodies so buy one for a friend or treat yourself!

You can choose from six different packages and are able to customize each package with boards that are best for you or the lucky someone on your holiday list.

Each Package has different boards to choose from, as well as different styles of shirts, sweaters and gloves! Select a package and pick the gear that you like best.

In the spirit of giving, Landyachtz will donate a complete longboard to Skateboards For Hope for every package purchased!



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with different boards and gear.



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