Fun Beyond Symmetry

The brainchild of our Resident Bad Boy and R&D Specialist, Nick Breton, this thing is the ultimate tool that will cover all the bases. The Shape is directional, but shuv-it all you want and revert for days on this thing, it rides perfectly well both ways. The directional shape sets it apart from other street skates and adds an element of high-speed confidence.


The Square tail gives your back foot a little bit more purchase for those big hill bombs, tight carves, or long commutes, yet you get enough pop out of this tail to throw a mean kickflip. You could argue that this is the original ATV Series deck, and it has a firm place in our lineup.  


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Embrace the Smoothness

Landyachtz ATVs with soft wheels totally up your skate game! These boards give you an awesome and fun ride, especially for cruising around different spots. The soft wheels they come with are a game-changer, making the ride super smooth and adaptable. They're like shock absorbers – you can easily cruise over bumpy paths, rough terrain, and cracks without feeling every little jolt. No more uncomfortable bumps or annoying vibrations – just a chill ride all the way!



Board Spotlight - Perfecto

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3 products