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Loads of performance jammed into a tiny package, our cruiser boards are some of the most fun and capable boards in our line-up. Development of these boards is informed by years of R&D for racing and freeriding. These completes offer up the most distilled version of everything we’ve learned about how we want skateboards to turn, roll and feel.

Each component on our cruisers has been purpose-built to give you the best skateboarding experience possible. These boards are the best bang for your buck available today. Whether it’s your first board or your tenth, there’s always room in your quiver for a good cruiser and you’ll quickly find it becoming your go-to in all sorts of situations.




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These shorter boards are perfect for getting around town, kicking to a friend’s place or taking with you on a trip. We’ve set out to develop the best cruiser board on the market through years of testing, R&D and hard skating. Each shape in our cruiser line has been designed by someone at Landyachtz and comes perfectly set up with complementary components.










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