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Dancing is one of the fastest-growing and most vibrant styles within skateboarding today as its social, expressive nature and accessibility make it appealing to a wide variety of people. Our line of dance boards looks to provide well thought out, complete dancing boards at great value for people of all shapes, sizes and styles of riding. The Tony Danza is new for 2020 and features a significantly narrower platform designed around our 155mm Grizzly trucks for riders with smaller feet or who are looking for a board that will flip faster and with less effort.

This year we’ve also redesigned our shapes around our new Gen 6 Grizzlies to make them turn and pop perfectly right off the shelf and fine-tuned our concaves to give you the perfect platform to show off your moves.




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Longboard dancing is a unique style of skating that is full of expression and character. Our Dance boards exist to provide the perfect platform for self-expression and movement. We’ve fine-tuned our concaves and dialled in our shapes to provide the best dance partner possible.










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