Quality - Why it's so Important

You can easily purchase a cheap board online that will roll around but it’s not going to give you the full experience we think you should get out of a skateboard. Our boards aren’t the cheapest ones out there and, in some ways, we’re proud of that. When you get a Landyachtz board you are getting a product that is superior in so many ways.

For the last 20 years we’ve been designing, building and riding our boards in the relentless pursuit of getting the most enjoyment out of the ride. Throughout the last two decades we’ve also had a rich history in downhill racing. Working with several world champion racers has given us an edge when it comes to board design. In order to be best in the world every aspect of the board has to be perfect. We’ve taken this approach and have applied it to every board we make. So even when you ride one of our smaller cruisers boards, you can take some joy in knowing that we gave that board the same amount of attention as our longboards that took several riders to the top of the podium.

Something else that has helped us in the continual process of innovation and improvement is our team of engineers. We’ve worked with composite specialists to industrial engineers from Toyota and Burton. Having different approaches and construction techniques has allowed us the opportunity to experiment in ways we didn’t think board construction would ever go. And this level of board construction doesn’t end with just a specific model. We strive for the absolute best consistency and quality in all of our manufacturing.

Just in case you were wondering, we’ve spent just as much time in the woodshop building boards as we have out in the streets “testing” them out. Our team of riders consists of some of the most talented skateboarders all over the world. We’re fortunate enough to dip into this talent pool to get direct feedback from our riders on every board we make. If it’s not good enough for them, it’s not good enough for us.

In the last two decades we’ve seen drastic improvement on skateboard technology. Styles changed, components changed, and we’ve adjusted our equipment every step of the way. We see these changes not as obstacles but as chances for us to get more enjoyment out of skating. Grippier wheels allow us to carve harder, more precise trucks give us better turn, and higher quality construction boards give us a better connection to the surface we’re skating on. If there’s an opportunity to improve any of this you know we’ll be taking full advantage of it.

How can you be sure that we’re always going to be leaders in the industry? Because we’re always going to be skating. This could be traveling the world for races, zig-zagging through alleys, dropping in at our local skatepark, or just pushing to the corner store. If we can find a way to make these skateboard experiences better then we’ll the first ones to figure it out.