Triple Beam - how it's made

The Triple Beam is the ultimate materialization of the ideal downhill skateboard that has raced through the imaginations of racers and freeriders for years. Light, nimble, stiff, comfortable and durable are the outcomes that we spent the past two years striving to achieve, and we have.

Starting from the core: the triple beam uses Poplar wood, harvested from the Tulip tree Poplar is the perfect base for a lightweight downhill skateboard.

Maintaining a strong grain structure, and a light weight ratio compared to its maple counterparts

Poplar – 24 lb/cu ft

Maple – 44 lb/cu ft

We wanted to include wood in the mounts to dampen vibrations and ensure a smooth ride over rougher pavement. A carbon core or synthetic dampening materials just didn’t cut it for Dillon Stephens when prototyping, so we used poplar wood for our mounting areas and reinforced them with Urethane Bumpers.

We then inserted the Carbon Beams into either Poplar mount in order to create an even and consistent communication between each material component of the board.

Using carbon for the mid sections of the board was our solution to the age old tale of unwanted flex patterns.

Carbon Fiber can be manipulated to distribute loads and ensure there is a proper distribution of weight to offer a rider the best leverage over their ride. Creating a three pronged, seven piece carbon frame, we engineered the beams to manage and distribute leverage points for optimized control and stability.

Nose and tail strength was the next thing we needed to conquer before we added the foam and wrapped it in carbon. After several attempts, we found that urethane molded into a Poplar mounting plate was the best opportunity to take advantage of both a dampened ride, and ultimate durability.

Rather than the empty, airy qualities recieved from a foam mounting area, the Poplar produced an organic ride feel with proper vibration distribution and strength around the bolts, the Urethane wraps it at the tips to optimized durability.

We then cast foam around the beams, wrap the bottom of the foam core with fiberglass and allow it to cure.

Once the Beams and Poplar core are wrapped in foam and fiberglass the board is then concealed by carbon fiber, and sealed off with a specially selected resin for endless durability.

Learn more about the Triple Beam in this video providing more depth on the work put in to creating this masterpiece.