EZ Hawgs Wheels

Smooth Slides, Speed, and Versatility

For those of you that have tried the EZ wheel line, you know exactly what makes them so good: two durometer options, smooth slide, good roll speed, good fitment on any setup with 60mm & 63mm wheel sizes, great color options, but most of all it’s the way they feel when you ride them. They stand alone in the market for their versatility. For those of you that haven’t tried them, now is the perfect opportunity because we dropped the price!


EZ Slide Hawgs

If you’re someone that loves the EZ’s & Lil EZ’s but wants more slide and more roll speed, you’re in luck because we created the EZ Slide Hawg. This wheel is exactly the same as the EZ Hawg & Lil EZ in every way apart from the durometer. It measures in at 83a on the durometer, which makes the slide much easier to initiate, making the wheel very forgiving. The slightly harder duro makes your board feel more playful and makes sliding tricks more accessible. The EZ Sliders are only available in the swirled Orange/Yellow color pattern. The 78a version is called the 63mm EZ Hawg & the 60mm Lil EZ, and they are ideal for cruising long distances, carving, and when you want more grip than the 83a EZ Slide Hawgs can provide.  

Throw a set of 60mm EZ Slide Hawgs or Lil EZ’s on your cruiser board and unlock the full potential of your setup. Switching to these wheels is like taking off a big pair of boots and putting on a lightweight, comfy pair of running shoes. The boots are like the Fatty Hawgs or Chubbies; rugged, big, and will let you go anywhere you want to go. But, with your running shoes on, you will feel 10 lbs lighter and 100 times more nimble and agile, which is what the EZ wheel line offers.  

Exploring the EZ Wheel Line

The EZ Hawgs, Lil EZ’s & EZ Slide Hawgs are well suited to smaller setups. The classic popsicle stick board style is complimented nicely by the EZ line. Use the 60mm EZ Sliders to freshen up your old deck to get the most lightweight, forgiving feeling possible from your setup. Great for tricks in the skatepark and cruising, the Lil EZ is a great option. Or, install a set of 63mm 78a EZ Hawgs for great roll speed, epic for transportation purposes and rough pavement.

Do you have a longboard? Slap on a set of 63mm wheels from our EZ product line and in one day, you will reach perfection with all the slides you’ve been trying so hard to master.

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You voted, we skated!

Check out the blog we made about our trip to Cincinnati. We skated the whole city and the EZ wheel lineup offered us the versatility we needed.