2024 is getting jump started with the Downhill Skateboarding & Street Luge World Championship race. This race is hosted by World Skate and is located in Tagaytay, Philippines, overlooking the Taal volcano. February 22-24 are the dates, with a time trial shootout and a championship race.

This will be the first World Skate-sanctioned Downhill Championship ever held in the Philippines & the first time World Skate has hosted a Downhill race outside of the World Skate Games. World Skate is the IOC-recognized, governing body for all Sports performed on skating wheels. The 12 main disciplines represented by World Skate are: Skateboarding, Speed, Artistic, Inline Slalom, Downhill, Inline Freestyle, Inline Hockey, Rink Hockey, Roller Derby, Roller Freestyle, Scootering and Skate Cross.

Every two years, over 100 countries come together for the World Skate Games. “The World Skate Games is an international event where all 12 sports on skating wheels merge into a whirlwind of breathtaking emotions.” The next games take place in Italy from the 6th to the 27th of September, 2024.

The Landyachtz team for Philippines includes riders from New Zealand, Australia, Canada & Mexico. Canadians Tessa Campbell, Katerina Hill, Alex Hannigan, Dexter Manning & Matt King will be gunning for gold. Australia is represented by Zane Bonsor, who will be rocking a Landyachtz race board. Elissa Mah is a talented racer from New Zealand, she will be a tough challenge for Kat & Tessa in the women’s category. From Mexico, we have Oscar Gutierrez coming all the way to the Philippines to represent his home country.  


This is what the schedule will look like for the racers, volunteers and for all of you that will be watching the live stream.

» February 22nd
Official training, Technical Meeting

» February 23rd
Official training

» February 24th
Time trials

» February 25th

Race and Finals, live stream

We are expecting a wild ride for the racers and the spectators, as this track creates lots of passing opportunities and will highlight the most technical rider. Current World Champion and Landyachtz team rider Dane Hanna is not going to be attending the Downhill Skateboarding and Street Luge World Championship in Tagaytay, Philippines, so it’s anyone’s race to take!

There has never been a race held on this road before, so no one knows what to expect. Two-time defending champ Dane Hannah is missing out on this race, so that leaves the crown undefended. It will truly be a spectacle.


Elevation gain: 298m
Track distance: 2300m
Expected top speed (Stand up): 80km/h


- TElevation gain: 298m
- Track distance: 2300m
- Expected top speed (Stand up): 80km/h


There will be a livestream on February 25, so tune in to see who wins the race!