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By team rider and Landyachtz employee Lucas Greenough

This route is great for people looking to take a break from the hills and get a bit of mileage under their belt. It features a little bit of everything and a lot of wide, flat gravel riding along various rivers, with an amazing brewery in the middle.  There are definitely a few sections where it’s easy to miss a turn, so be ready to navigate with either a phone or GPS unit.

This one starts like the Port Moody Beer Run ride, and when you get to the breweries you’re going to continue along Murray ST, which turns into Gildford Way.  Following that it’ll turn into Ozada Ave, where the trail head will be on the left. A brief stint on the Trans Canada Trail and then a left over the bridge crossing the Coquitlam River. After a quick weave through the neighborhood and you’re on the PoCo Trail which is the main trail followed during this route.

The PoCo Trail is a beautiful double track that eventually joins up and follows the shoreline of the Pitt River. Just before the Pitt River Bridge, keep an eye out for Tin House Brewing along the right side of the path. They typically have a sign posted and some tents setup out front of their brewery. I highly recommend stopping here for a beer and maybe a sweet treat, 10/10 spot.

Once you’re fueled up and rehydrated, continue along the PoCo Trail, until it forces you hit a stop light right after a stretch of houses. From here the route follows the trail on the left side of the Mary Hill Bypass, it feels a little spooky in here so keep your head up and pay attention. There is an alternate route through Colony farm Regional Park, but they’ve reduced the number of trails that allow bikes and it’s typically very busy with families and walkers, so the route doesn’t go that way. The section of trail under the Port Man Bridge is muddy and full of thorn bushes, so take caution here as well. This will spit you out into Maquabeak Park and from there you’ll ride the road for a bit until you reach the Brad Skytrain Station. You’ll pop on a trail here and skirt your way around the station and onto the Brunette Fraser Greenway Regional Greenway. It can get a little confusing and hectic around the Skytrain station so keep an eye on the map here. After a short section and an easy road crossing you’ll get onto the Central Valley Greenway and ride that for a while. It is a beautiful section of gravel and in the summer stays quite cool. It will take you back into the city where you’ll jump on the Slocan bike route and back to the home.

Definitely a great ride for all skill level and easy to ride as slow or fast as you feel like.

Ride Summary


75 Km


700 m

Est. Moving Time:



4 Burritos





Ride Highlights