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It was sheer luck that we discovered Monster Rally eight years ago while hunting for whimsical tunes in Bandcamp’s catalog. Guff, the guy behind all our videos, was stumped and needed some solid music to compliment the Ripple Ridge product video he was creating in 2012. The soft, laid back beats full of island vibes perfectly complimented our casual Skate and Explore ethos. Ted Feighan is the man behind Monster Rally, a musician and visual artist who creates tropical inspired art and music. Over the last few years we’ve sampled Monster Rally tracks in our videos but 2020 marks the first year we’ve highlighted his art on a skateboard. We interviewed Ted to learn more about what inspires his art and music.

Photos by Kelley Feighan



What inspires your art and music? Where do you get your inspiration?

My art and music are mostly inspired by the natural world. I’ve always been interested in far away and exotic places, the animals and plants that live there and the music that is created by its native inhabitants.


Where do you get all of your samples from? Do you play any instruments?

I get almost all of my samples from vinyl. The rest are sounds, loops, etc that I record myself. When I’m looking for records to sample I go for anything that catches my eye and I like to try and sample from weird records and see if I can fit those sounds into my theme. I play a lot of instruments, but mostly guitar, bass and percussion my records.

When did you start making art and music?  Which came first? 

I’ve been making songs since I first learned how to play the guitar in 6th grade. I started making “artwork” shortly thereafter because we needed art for show flyers, shirts etc. Mostly back then I was just photoshopping a screen shot from Super Mario NES and putting my old band name on it for shirts we printed ourselves in my basement. I started making collage art right around the time I started making Monster Rally albums, for the same reason really – I needed artwork for the music and the collage style seemed the most appropriate. 


What are your top 5 most listened to bands?

Hard to answer this in general but in the past few weeks it’s been: Steely Dan, Grateful Dead, Marvin Gaye, George Harrison and various vintage Reggae.

Has skateboarding played a role in your life?

I think so, I’ve always wanted to be a great skater, but it never worked out. Because of that I always hung out with a lot of actually good skaters, who often had good taste in music, which rubbed off on me. These days I have a skateboard that I ride back and forth across my studio all the time and try not to hurt myself.


Have you ever made art on a skateboard before creating graphics for Landyachtz?

This is actually my first time working on artwork for skateboards. I’ve always wanted to, but haven’t had the opportunity. I’m psyched I was able to do it with Landyachtz, I think our vibes fit well together.


So I hear you moved to Ohio from California. Has the change of scenery changed your style or sound at all?

I’m not sure whether it has or not. Certainly my perspective on a lot of things has changed since moving out of LA and I think that will trickle down into what I’m creating as well. I’ve always been inspired by the landscape, flora and fauna and music of different exotic places and that only seems to grow for me. Funny enough, when I moved to LA from OH around 8 years ago, I used to get this same question in reverse, so it’s hard to say which place affected me more?


Any future plans? New music? New art? New skateboards? Let us know whats on your horizon.

Lots of new music, some new vinyl releases and collaborations that I’m excited about. Several artwork projects, print releases and installations. Probably not very many live shows until that can be done more safely, hopefully soon!


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