Andy Pace

Oregon, USA

Age: 23

favorite board

Stratus 46


Any hobbies outside of skateboarding?

I kind of dabble in programming here and there.

Any hidden talents?
I’m a good people person. Make people laugh.

What’s a typical day in Andy’s life look like?
Assuming it’s sunny. I get off from work in the morning, go home to take a shower. And then skate all day. I’ve been on a good streak of doing that for a few years now.

Favorite food?
Pizza. Pepperoni and sausage.

Any favorite music to shout out?
Too Short, Slick Rick. Usually old school hip hop.

Pet peeves?
I hate it when people interrupt in conversation.

If you could be any animal what would it be?
An owl, 100%. They can fly, and they’re nocturnal. I’d love to fly through the sky, that sounds amazing.

What got you into skating?
Childhood friend got me into it. My mountain bike broke and he talked me in to riding a longboard home. Fell probably 8 times in the 10 blocks home.

First LY Board?
Stratus 46

What type of skating do you enjoy the most?
Freestyle. Hand tricks especially.

What makes the perfect skate session?
Good group of homies, good tunes on the speaker, good joints.

Favorite Board?
Stratus 46

Dream location to go skate?
Amsterdam. All the streets are for pedestrians so I don’t have to worry about cars. And I can smoke weed outside!

Top 3 skate trip essentials?
- Portable speaker
- Water, and a lot of it
- Dedicated filmer

What skate videos influenced you the most?
Loft’s video’s influenced me a lot once I got into it.