Dillon Stephens
Vancouver, BC

Over the last decade Dillon has traveled the world competing in downhill races and has walked away from quite a few of them with gold medals. For somebody who is a world class downhill racer you wouldn’t expect him to be able to rip it up on a cruiser board. But then again, if he can design the Triple Beam (quite possibly the most technical downhill race board) then he probably knows a thing or two about skating.


The first time I tried the Dipper I knew it was going to be my favourite out of the Longboard category in this years line up. The combination of the super narrow trucks with a springy skinny board makes for some ridiculously tight carves. It was impossible for me to keep a straight face while riding it. Another one of my favourites is the Battle Axe, this thing is snappy. I like to put all my weight onto the front truck along with way to much trust, and smash some fast aggressive carves.

If I’m going to do any sliding I’m grabbing the Drop Carve 37. It’s so light and small making it so easy to toss around under your feet. Gotta love flicking out some slide shuvs on this baby. Last but not least in my list of favourites is the Pinner. This board really surprised me the first time I tried it because it turns like crazy. Its easy to forget it’s 44 inches long when you are turning circles around the block or maneuvering around pedestrians on the sidewalk. But maybe my favourite feature of this board is the bouncy soft cloud ride it gifts you.