Stephen Vaughn
Aspen, Colorado

From the east coast to west coast then to the mountains, Vaughn has traveled extensively across the US (and internationally) and has killed it at every spot his skateboard has touched down on.


The ATV series is our lineup of double-kick skateboards. Consisting of 7 different shapes, we have all of the bases covered. I personally use the ATV Classic symmetrical shape the most, as it is the closest to the skateboard shape I grew up riding. If that’s not your style and you want to get a little funkier, the Ditch Life (With team rider Mackenzie Yoshida’s art for the graphic!) or the ATV Crane (Harlen’s pro model!) are great options to switch it up with.

All of the ATV series come complete with 155mm Polar Bears, and 78a wheels, so they are ready to cruise right out of the shop! Speaking of which, the Lil’ EZ Hawgs are great for having a comfortable ride around town, while still being small and light enough to pop ollies and do tricks at all the little spots you come across while cruising. When you get to the skatepark, a quick swap to our 99a 54mm Adanac wheels, is all you need and you’re ready to rip!

The latest development in our ATV series is the all-new “ATVx” construction that increases pop, lets that pop last longer by including two layers of fiberglass in the layup. This also makes the board more durable. The ATV series is now better than ever!