Steven Vera
Harrison, New Jersey

Nobody mixes elements of downhill and street quite the way Vera does. His style is unlike any other out there. So much so that he had to create his own pro model board the Sidewalker. With his board, Vera is at home on any terrain he encounters and he’s come across quite a lot.


Not sure where to begin! The Dinghy category has always been king amongst the family. Easy to take to school, simple enough to head to the store, just an overall complete ripper even with a street skater in mind. My favorites thus far would be the Dinghy Relay, the Dinghy Coffin Engraving and the Dinghy Coffin Cocktail. The relay is made thin, built strong and the overall cutout of this board gives it a locked in feel. Cruise your way down any incline with ease on this board. The Dinghy Coffin Engraving is hands down my walk in the park type of board. Carve it up kinda vibe with a snappy flex feel under your feet. The Coffin Cocktail is bold, solid and strong with 7 plys of Canadian Maple to work with! The tails really locks you in and gives you control in any situation, someone get this lady or gent a taste of Landyachtz! Without much else to say, these cruisers are the unrivaled, all terrain troublemakers.

I’ve also got an all-time favorite board outside of the cruisers category too. I have to tell you about the Sidewalker. Its build compact and quick for snappy freeride vibes. This deck will conquer any terrain you come across, jump off or skate over! The Sidewalker makes everything connect.