Vancouver, BC, Canada

Age: 26

Tessa is pretty much the human version of a golden retriever. Always a little too hyped and happy to be here! She grew up in Vancouver on the North Shore, spending her summers in Pender Harbour. Although both of those locations have a booming downhill scene, skateboarding was not her first love. Growing up she did a wide plethora of sports, many of them on boards, just not on the pavement... Which is why there is no surprise when she stepped on a skateboard and was completely obsessed.

It was in Pender Harbour where longboard group, Team Irene, showed her how to bomb hills. The speed of downhill longboarding and the exhilaration of racing got her hooked. Now she loves all types of skateboarding! Cruising, park skating, bowl skating and of course downhill skating. Next up, dance! She is excited to compete in the upcoming races this year, and hopes to make it to the World Roller Games. Her goal is to inspire non-traditional skaters and bring as many people into the sport of skateboarding as she can!



RACE: EL PELIGRO, Bear Smokies, Cheetah Hawgs
PARK: ATV Classic Acid Wash
CRUISE: Dinghy Coffin Kitty, Surflife Flippy


Photo by: Jon Huey

Photo by: Jacob Lambert

Photo by: Jacob Lambert

Photo by: Jacob Lambert