Q: What is reasonable wear and tear?

A: Skateboards get thrashed from their very first ride and often before they've even left the rack in the store - but that's okay because they're designed to widthstand all of the thrashings. We endeavour to ship our boards in perfect condition and our assembly team go to great lengths to ensure your new board arrives in pristine conditions - but sometimes a little scratch here or a mark there can happen when we're building them up. We understand this isn't ideal but please bare in mind that we try our best and that after your very first skate you're going to see quite a few marks, but perfection isn't beautiful.


Q: Hey I like a lot of the designs and artwork you put out, is there a way that I could submit anything to possibly be used?

A: We actually have an email that you can send your art, designs etc to that our art department can go over and reach out to you if they like it.



Q: Can I slide the board I am interested in?

A: You for sure can any board really. There is definitely some skateboards setups that are easier than other. Things that make it easier are having slide wheels, and the right equipment (slide gloves, pads, and a helmet). Here is a video as well that we made to show you how to practice sliding.

Q: Does Landyachtz offer the option to pre-order any products.

A: We unfortunately do not do pre-orders for any of our products. Please keep an eye out on our site for new stock coming in, or you can sign up for stock notifications.


Q: Hey my trucks started making a squeaking noise, how can I go about fixing this?

A: Squeakiness happens! It is a very normal part of skateboard maintenance. The simple fix for this is to add some shavings of a soap bar, or pencil lead in the pivot cup area, and then reassemble your trucks.

This sounds like a funny fix, but we promise it works 😊 Soap, or pencil leads acts as a dry lubricant for the pivot. Instead of using grease or some other lubricant that attracts dirt, soap or pencil lead will do the trick and not cause undo maintenance and cleaning down the road. Here is a video that might help as well.

Q: Can I check where my order is at so far?

A: Hey! You can totally check out what is up with your order through our website. You just need the email address you ordered with, and/ or your order number that you would of received from us in a order confirmation email.

Here is the link to the page


Q: The colour of the board on the website is slightly different than the board I received for my order. What happened?

A: Sometimes our products, specifically the decks themselves will vary slightly in color from what the product page represents. We want to clarify that this is not a quality control (QC) issue, it is just the nature of using natural 100% Canadian maple wood to make skateboard decks as the wood can uniquely affect the graphic process.  It’s also worth noting that computer screen settings can affect product colors!


Q: Are BEAR trucks sold in a pair, or individually?

A: We most definitely sell trucks in pairs always, you will for sure receive two when you order them. Just enough to set up one whole skateboard 😊


Q: What is a good beginner board for me? I’m new to all of this and do not know where to start.

A: The best beginner board is the one you are most comfortable on! There is no “best” board for starting out. Everyone wants different things and experiences out of skateboarding. If we were to suggest anything it would be to go for a board that has more standing area, like Tugboats or ATV’s if you want a cruiser, or just a straight up longboard with even more standing room.

In saying that though, we want to hear what you would like to do with the board, or any preferences or ideas you might have of what you want. Then we can help you narrow it down. Reach out and tell us about yourself a bit and what you are after and we’ll get back to you.


Q: Is there a weight limit on the boards you sell? 

A: We do not list a weight limit for the boards because it usually is not an issue for anyone. We’re sure the absolute breaking point for our boards is in the hundreds of pounds (like 300+ if we were to estimate, and composite boards can take even more stress)

They are all built very solid so we wouldn’t concern yourself with a weight limit of a board. The only thing to be conscious about if you intend to buy a more flexible board from us or any other manufacturer.


Some heavier people can make more flexible boards bend so much that they might hit the ground in the middle. Often dancing boards, and some pintail longboards are made to be more flexible. Even then though, they are still usually meant to withstand the weight of most people, plus the abuse that they go through.


Q: What does complete skateboard setup consist of?

A: Our completes sometimes vary a bit with what they exactly come with. Really just depends on the model.

Nonetheless though, you can expect most of our completes to come with these components that make up the whole package.

- The board itself, which always comes with grip tape applied

- Wheels (set of 4)

- Bearings (8 in total, 2 for each wheel)

- Assembly hardware (8 bolts with locking nuts, so your trucks do not fly off 😉)

- Riser pads (2 total, these give you more clearance between the wheels and board, and can be different heights)


Q: I am going to order a complete, but I would like it to come with different wheels than what is pictured. Can I swap them out for what I want?
A: Unfortunately, we do not offer to customize options on completes at this moment. Currently the only way is to order another set of wheels in the color that you like / want.


Q: Can I get custom graphics printed, custom board shapes cut out, or an existing graphic printed on a board I am going to order?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer the option to do any custom services like this.


Q: I am after an older product that is either not on the website, or out of stock for a while.

A: For older models it is most likely a product that we do not produce anymore, but if it has been out of stock for a while or if you aren’t totally sure about something specific please reach out to us and we can clarify it for you.


Q: How much do longboards, and skateboards weigh?

A: It always varies depending on what components are on the board, but the average weight of a skateboard is 6 – 9lbs (3 – 4.5kg). The average for longboards is 8 – 12 lbs (3.6 – 5.5kg)


Q: If I order components for my setup, like a deck or trucks with some wheels will it come with hardware for mounting?

A: No, we do not ship hardware out with any other components. You will have to purchase hardware and/or riser pads separately, and the correct length as well for your specific setup. We can advise you on what hardware and risers you’ll need for your setup. 


Q: My order is taking longer than the noted shipping time. What should I do?

A: If your order has not shipped out yet, and you do not have your tracking number please reach out to us so we can investigate things for you. On the other hand, if you have your tracking number, you can check on the appropriate courier site (FedEx or UPS) where it is so far. It is not uncommon for your package to stop for a couple days at a depot, this is normal and not anything to worry about. 


Q: I have a shipping address outside of Canada/USA and I was charged extra when my order was delivered – Why do I have to pay this?

A: For international orders Landyachtz does not cover the cost of any import fees, duties, taxes etc that it takes for the product to be brought into your country. We only charge you for the cost of the product(s), sales tax, and an international shipping fee. Please be aware of this extra cost when ordering if you are outside of North America as duties vary depending on what country you live in. 


Q: Can I use a P.O BOX address for my delivery address?

A: We unfortunately cannot ship to P. O BOXES as we can not guarantee the delivery of your order 100%. Instead, you could use a home address, a friend’s address, or even your workplace. Please be aware that we can ship to A.P.O addresses.


Q: If my order is over $125, do I qualify for free shipping?

A: Yes! But only if you live in Canada, or the United States. International shipments are competitive rates that are calculated in your cart, based upon your address.


Q: How do I keep tabs on my order once it has shipped out?

A: You will receive an email containing your tracking number when your order is collected from our warehouse. We are given a tracking number when your order is collected from our warehouse, therefore processing orders do not have an associated tracking number yet. Any shipments to APO addresses are sent via Canada Post or USPS.

You can also create an account on www.landyachtz.com and we will hold all your order history for you to review when you log in.


Q: How do I know if I can qualify for a warranty?

A: Most of the information can be found on our Warranties page . But we do want you to know that going through a warranty process does take a bit of time, and a good amount of that will be sharing pictures of your defective product, and discussing the details so we can learn how to improve our products for the future.