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Dinghy Hoodoo Tiger

USD $55USD $135

L: 28.5" | W: 8.5" | WB: 15"

Artist: Bene Rohlmann
Featuring the same updated shape as the Gin & Tonic as well as a super bright graphic, the Hoodoo Tiger is one of the most unique looking cruisers out there. The bigger nose and square tail mean it's not all about the looks though, this is a seriously functional little board.  

We design our trucks and wheels to fit perfectly with each individual deck. We work tirelessly to ensure these elements come together to provide the best control and performance for your board.

No slop, all control. Don’t accept anything less than the perfect complete.

More Hide Detail
100% Canadian Maple
Low Concave
Sanded Wheel Wells


old-school playful lively challenging casual approachable practical


agile responsive surfy poppy drifty


city street alley path beach campus all-terrain


every-day commuter beer-run multi-purpose hybrid pusher slasher cruiser carver