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Racing is the ultimate proving ground for new ideas in skateboard technology and our long history of success at the highest levels of international racing influences almost every aspect of what we do. These boards are the highestend, most capable downhill completes that we’ve ever made.

The demands placed on racing gear are intense and our team exposes new technologies and prototypes of new products to the highest-stress riding situations possible ensuring that only the best developments make their way into other parts of the lineup.


A lot of effort has been put into finding performance gains in the way that all the components of a skateboard work together to generate the grip, responsiveness and speed that racing demands. This idea has permeated the entire lineup as we’ve focused heavily on optimizing each complete for its intended purpose and riding style.




Developed as complete racing systems, our Race boards are set up exactly the same way our team skates them. The boards in this category have been paired with new, purpose-built components in order to perform at the highest level in the toughest conditions. The result is a modern, race-proven, system that meets and exceeds the demands of today’s fastest riders.









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