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Polar Bear 155mm

Polar Bear 155mm

Designed with time-tested geometry and engineered with high quality materials, the 155mm Polar Bears are going to be exactly what you need if you’re going to hit the skatepark, slappy curb or just about any other obstacle. Sold in pairs.

Bushings: 93a

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Customer Reviews

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Stellar trucks

When I bought my ditchlife it had the option to customize with 130 or 155, I originally bought the 130 with hopes I could have more turn radius but I found them to wobble a bit too much for my taste. 155 gave me almost the same amount of turn but much less wobble. Thumbs up.

C. Saums
Not even installed they're great!

Seriously. Bought these during the greatest sale of all times. The quality great. Going to be using them on a 10.25" cruiser build. Only regret I didn't buy the Doozie Wheels when they were in sale. Did pick up a beautiful"Stone God Smiles" so my Drop Hammer night Fox has company. Great job guys .

Cara Harris
Great Tiny Little Baby Trucks!

I was excited to find trucks this small offered by Landyachtz! I have a few tiny little cruisers (think 70s style) and these fit them perfectly!

I have enjoyed them right out of the box, stock bushings and. So far, I like them better than my Independent 109s.

Roberto Colon
Polar Bear 155mm

good quality trucks

Sean Becker
One wrong

They are great trucks, nice feel and last a good while. I have three or four sets of this size but I can't actually review this actual set on account of of the fact that. They sent me one 155 and one 130. But yeah, great!



Flex Ratings

We’ve categorized the stiffness of our boards into 3 main groups, listed below.  The general rule is the faster you’re skating, the stiffer the deck, but this is not universal.

Flexy – Soft and supple flex profile best suited for carving and cruising on longer boards. The bouncy nature of these decks lets you turn deeper and surf your surrounds.

Medium – The do it all of our boards, a perfect balance of stability and carve. 

Stiff – From cruisers to downhill boards a stiff flex profile excels in stability and responsiveness.  Whether you’re dipping into driveways or bombing a mountain pass you’ll be down with the stiffness.