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Mistakes happen, little oopsies that cause a skateboard to be put aside on our ‘2nds’ shelf. All Oopsie boards are perfectly skateable and deserve to be ridden. Click and learn what makes a board an Oops board.

Gordito – Creature – Oops

Gordito – Creature – Oops

The Gordito is the over-sized street shape that you didn’t know you needed. You might recognize the artwork by Dirk Hays, we have used it on several occasions, and we thought the Gordito would be the perfect canvas for The Creature. Whether you’re a bigger rider tired of feeling cramped on smaller boards or just looking for a bigger platform to make riding on hectic terrain a little easier, give the Gordito a shot.


Bundle Comes Setup With – Polar Bear 180mm set – Raw – 90a Blue Bushing, 63mm Fatty Hawgs Wheels – Flat Banana 78a Stone Ground and 1/2 Hard Flat Risers


Flex Ratings

We’ve categorized the stiffness of our boards into 3 main groups, listed below.  The general rule is the faster you’re skating, the stiffer the deck, but this is not universal.

Flexy – Soft and supple flex profile best suited for carving and cruising on longer boards. The bouncy nature of these decks lets you turn deeper and surf your surrounds.

Medium – The do it all of our boards, a perfect balance of stability and carve. 

Stiff – From cruisers to downhill boards a stiff flex profile excels in stability and responsiveness.  Whether you’re dipping into driveways or bombing a mountain pass you’ll be down with the stiffness.