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Landyachtz is seeking inspiring people to spread the Skate and Explore spirit all around the world! If you are a Landyachtz fan, skateboarding crew member, action sport athlete, musician, artist, student, student union leader or manage a skateboarding online group, we want to hear from you.  We’re excited to meet new skaters world-wide and if you’re interested, see if you qualify by applying below.



The Skate and Explore community has different levels with varying benefits. In return, we expect community members to serve as advocates for Landyachtz and engage in our campaigns. The most common rewards are:








Landyachtz believes skateboarding makes life better and improves the way we interact with the world around us. Skateboarding really makes the world a better place and the growth of the skateboarding scene is more than a goal for us – it’s a mission. But it’s too big of a job to do on our own.

The Skate and Explore Community gives people who share our values the chance to promote our products and messaging around the globe or in their local communities in exchange for a variety of rewards, such as free products, gift cards, discounts, commissions and more!

If you are a Landyachtz fan, skateboarding crew member, action sport athlete, shop employee, musician, artist, student, student union leader or manage a online skateboarding group, we welcome you to join the program! If you’re not, but you believe you could be a good community member, feel free to apply anyway!

Applicants must be active on social media and be over the age of 18. We expect them to serve as advocates of the brand, inspiring others to go skateboarding with our products and sharing the awesome experience their Landyachtz gear brings. We believe that skateboarding is a positive thing for this world and want our community members to share their excitement and passion for skating with their audiences.

Landyachtz supports diversity, inclusion and environmental protection. We don’t accept any kind of hate and it’s crucial for the community that members share the same values our brand promotes. Equality, respect and inclusiveness are at our core.

The Skate and Explore community has a variety of categories with varying rewards. The categories are based on a variety of criteria and, as you grow and engage, you can move up in categories, opening up new rewards and perks. You will complete tasks/campaigns in exchange for free products, gift cards, discounts, etc or, depending on the category you’re in, receive payments in cash or affiliate comissions.

Yes. If you’re accepted to the program you can get discounts on gear or even free products. Discounts on gear or receiving free product is contingent in your participation in various campaigns, so the more you participate the more rewards you’ll have access too!

Community members are expected to participate in campaigns and promote our brand and values through their social media channels. There are different types of campaigns and in some cases they are as simple as sharing content created by our marketing team. In other cases, you will be invited to create and share content about a specific product category or campaign theme.

You are not obligated to participate in every campaign you’re invited to, but the more involved you are, the more you’ll be rewarded. We want our partnership to be fun, open and mutually beneficial. There is no pressure to participate but we hope you’ll be stoked on each mission you’re invite to join!

Crews are a crucial component to growing the skateboard scene and we want to support their initiatives as much as possible. If you are part of a crew that runs events, promotes meetups and is invested in growing your local skateboarding scene, we want to hear from you! We’d like to support your crew with resources, gear, event sponsorship and exposure. If you’re a part of an active crew, apply to our program and we’ll reach out and start working together on your next event!

If you are not part of a crew yet, but are interested in join one (or starting your own!), apply and we’ll help set you up with your nearest crew. We’re also happy to share tips and tricks for starting your own crew…we’ve been at this for over 20 years and have learned a thing or two about building a scene.