Faces of Longboard Hockey

Every year at Danger Bay longboarders trade in their slide gloves and pick up hockey sticks to take part in Longboard Hockey; an event that can only be described as “truly Canadian experience.”

Here’s a small introduction to the line up of the Landyachtz hockey team and the role each person has in the company.

Tom Edstrand, Co-founder

Mike Perreten, Co-founder

Nick "Landyachtz Bad Boy" Breton, Product Development

Liam McKenzie, Chief Happiness Officer

Eric Chernushenko, Sales Rep

Ken Leigh-Smith, Creative Director

Cam Beath, Purchasing Manager

Ryan "Gosh Darn" Theobald, VP Sales and Marketing

Check out our highlighted instagram story from the weekend festivities to see what happened at Danger Bay (longboard hockey and beyond!).