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If you’ve ever searched the web for Best Skateboard brands, Best Skateboard, or Best anything from anytime ever, you’ve no doubt encountered a bunch of review sites with write ups that don’t actually provide useful or accurate information. The truth is, most of these websites are run by people who are looking to make money from Amazon referral links. Often, the reviews are auto-generated by software, and not even written by a real person.

We think product research should be informative and enjoyable. There’s nothing quite as exciting as deciding which new skateboard you’re going to get, except riding that new board of course.

Choosing a board can be an overwhelming task if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve spent some time building a Board Finder that will help you narrow down your choices based on that factors that we think matter.

4 Factors to Weigh Before Buying a Complete Skateboard

  1. Purpose – The types of skateboarding or situations in which we think a board will excel.
  2. Environment – Where we think a board is best suited for use.
  3. Ride – Characteristics that define how a board feels when you ride it.
  4. Vibe – The look and feel of a board.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re available on Live Chat. You can also email us ( or call us at 778-785-6855. We love talking about skateboards!

In the end, buying the best skateboard is often an emotional decision. Since riding is such a personal experience, it’s important to choose the board that feels right for you. Pick the one that catches your eye and makes you feel excited to ride.

There really are no right or wrong ways to skate, as long as you are having fun. Certain boards, skateboard wheels and trucks may be better suited to certain environments or situations but innovation and progression often comes from people stepping outside the boundaries and doing something new.

We’ve broken our Skateboard Line Up into five categories to help you narrow down what you are looking for. Each category features skateboards that where designed for different riding styles. It’s never been easier to choose the right skateboard.

  • Cruisers – Smaller boards, ideal for skating around town and exploring the city. They’ve got kicktails, soft wheels and are fast becoming our most popular boards.

  • ATVs – All-Terrain-Vehicle. These are boards that are designed to skate the city, hit spots, do tricks and get allow you to put your own style into your skating. Soft wheels make them quiet and comfortable when pushing. A great skateboard for beginners.

  • Longboards – Larger boards that are great for cruising on pathways. They are less maneuverable than our smaller boards, but are way more “surfy”. We also have a bunch of Drop Mounted skateboards in this category. Those are great for higher speed riding and carving mellow hills.

  • Downhill Freeride – Our fastest boards can be found here. These boards are packed with a ton of technology and features, all of which are geared towards fast, downhill skateboarding. You’ll find both Drop Mounted and Hollowtech skateboards in this category.

  • Dance and Freestyle – We’ve developed this line of boards to meet the growing demands of Dance and Freestyle skaters. We’ve got some Hollowtech longboards in this category as well so make sure to check out these too.

The best part about skateboarding is the journey of discovery. Chase the things that excite you and don’t be afraid to try something new. Who knows? Maybe you’re the person who will show us all a new way to have fun on a board.