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Our mission is to find ways to live better and create products that enhance these ways of life.


Time is finite, so we believe if you are going to do something do it the best way possible. We believe Skateboards and Bikes are often the best way to go from A to B.  It is healthy, conscious, affordable and most importantly brings joy to the soul.  

In order to have the best experience you need the best tool for the application.  That is why we strive to make the best products for the activities we enjoy.  We make our products to improve our lives and then we share these discoveries with the world.   

company values

Our Core Beliefs in Practice


We are constantly looking for new and better ways to live. We strive to always improve our products, services, processes and spaces thus improving our lives. 


We strive to have the most positive impact possible on our planet and our fellow humans. For our planet that means not being wasteful, building products that last and finding ways to do it most efficientlyFor society that means providing something that we truly believe helps people live better lives
We also strive to have a positive attitude towards our challenges and transmit positive energy to others.  

High quality

We strive to make the best performing and most durable products and provide the best service so our customers feel they are getting excellent valueHigh quality performance means you get the best experience for your time and durable means that it will last longer than our competition thus having a better impact on this planet.  


Landyachtz was started by two childhood friends, Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand while attending University of Victoria. They set out making boards to have more fun travelling around the campus.   

We started making our own versions of skateboards as a way to have fun while travelling between classes. Riding around campus injected adventure and adrenaline into a moment that wasn’t normally exciting. The enjoyment of travelling on a skateboard was so great, that skateboarding became the destination.” – Tom Edstrand  

The first production run of boards was done in the Blackcomb Ski racing shed.  

We started looking for corners to navigate and hills to skate. Our view of the world had forever changed. We started to see our environment as an endless playground, full of possibilities.” – Mike Perreten  

Landyachtz moved to North Vancouver, at the foot of the coast mountains. First using family garage space, then to a shared space with snowboard manufacturer, Invasion snowboards.   

The products that were on the market in the late 90’s didn’t stand up to the forces we subjected them to. The steep and winding streets of our city begged us for bigger and better wheels, stronger and more responsive trucks” – Tom  

While based in North Van, Landyachtz and their team were creating the spark for modern downhill freeride skating. Using what they learned through high level skating in demanding environments, Landyachtz developed Bear Trucks and Hawgs Wheels, pushing the industry to adopt a higher standard of skate gear than was available at the time. After outgrowing their manufacturing space in North Van, Landyachtz relocated to their current location in the Strathcona neighborhood of Vancouver.  


Over the past nearly 30 years, Landyachtz has established itself as a leader in a global community that pushes the boundaries of what is possible on a skateboard. The desire to evolve the sport of skateboarding led to other exciting forms of transportation.  

“Bicycles help us travel further, experience new terrain, and broaden our ability to discover. Self-propelled transportation is not only good for us, but good for the world. It requires no fuel and releases no pollutants into the air. The only by-products are a healthier life and a happier day”- Mike Perreten  

Landyachtz first started manufacturing bikes for city commuting. That quickly blossomed into building premium road bikes for longer commutes and rides. Shaped by the desire to further explore the environment propelled Landyachtz toward designing and building gravel bikes and hardtail mountain bikes.