Skate & Explore Cincinnati

After an arduous, exciting and suspense filled process of internet voting, we found out we were going to Cincinnati.

 Arriving in Cincinnati, the first thing we wanted to do was check out the location for the cruise. We went to Cincinnati because that’s where the internet wanted us to host our cruise event, so we made sure the route we had mapped out was good and was it ever! We found so many spots, the route was epic. The first day was piping hot, but a success. We were even starting to make friends with the locals. It was a great start to the skate trip and a great chance to check out the city.

The most important part of day two on our skate trip was to do Cincy stuff. We went to Findlay Market, skated some awesome spots, and saw a baseball game. On day two, we went to skate on a hilltop location and this gave us the chance to really appreciate the versatility of the EZ wheel lineup. 

We’ve always been big fans of riding in the rain, so the cruise started out with lots of energy as we pulled up to a rainy meetup. We forged along and eventually the weather cleared up. Several different states showed up for the event, the community was amazing. 

The sun was shining the next morning, and the crew was stoked! The day started out at our humble abode. We got all our gear ready and started making our way to the slide sesh hosted by Ohio DH. These guys really know how to throw down an event! Riley Shanley is the leader of the crew and with the help of his team the slide jam was a huge success and a very unique event. 

Day five was a totally different day. The events were all finished up, so we wanted to get back to the skate & explore vibes, and what better place to do it than the local University campus! Cincinnati is filled with epic skate spots and the campus was no exception, with lots of preemo cruising to be had. Cam absolutely threw down on the ledge to drop that he found and Carla really enjoyed the smooth flat concrete deck overlooking the arena. 

It’s hard to explain the feeling of being on a skate trip with a van full of boards and a group of great friends. Things can get stressful, sometimes things happen that you weren’t expecting that you just have to deal with in the moment, even though it sucks, because what choice do you have? Sometimes you have to improvise, there might be times where you are feeling super burnt out and exhausted and you just need to rest your eyes, sometimes you get lost. But when you’re on these skate trips, you have to make the most of every moment. 

You party, you enjoy the local cuisine, you take in the views and the city, you meet people and make memories, and you have a damn great time with your friends and act goofy. You will bond with people on skate trips in a way that you can’t get anywhere else, and you become family. In a way, everyone contributes to the success of the trip, and everyone has an important role to play. All of the ups and downs sum up to making these skate trips an experience that is irreplaceable. 

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