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By team rider and Landyachtz employee Lucas Greenough

This one is for everyone looking for a bit of an adventure mixed in with some awesome riding. It makes for an awesome day trip, with some fun stops along the way to break up the ride. It features some steep hills, loose gravel and technical descending, so we recommend bringing a good attitude and a pair of shoes you can walk in.

This route starts out the same as the Port Moody Beer Run, following the gravel through north Burnaby and along Barnet Highway. If you’re short on time or just not feeling it, feel free to skip some of the gravel closer to the city on the way out or back in order to make it out to Port Moody efficiently and enjoy the riding there.  

From the breweries in Port Moody, you’re going to follow Murray Stturning left onto Heritage Mountain Blvd. There’s a small plaza on the right side of the road which is a good place to refuel before heading up and into the forest. The climb on the road starts off steady and gradually gets tougher, space yourself accordingly. There’s about 6 km of climbing, with a short traverse along David Ave, before cutting left into the forest where the gravel begins. You’ll weave your way through some neighborhood gravel before heading up a straight gravel climb on a wide, smooth double track path. This straight section will lead you to the base of a trail called The WallThis short section is incredibly tough to ride and usually requires walking. (That being said, if anyone does clean it, swing by the shop and Lucas will buy you some beer.)  

The Wall trail will bring you to the Powerline Road, but the climbing’s not over yet. One last final push to get to the first bit of descending on the Powerline Road. Both the up and downhill sections here can be very loose, so pick your lines carefully, doing your best to keep those tires form slipping out.  

The Powerline Road will end at a wonderful lookout over Buntzen Lake, this is a good spot to take rest and enjoy the view. If you’re feeling a little apprehensive about the descent, you may want to lower your seat a little bit, this will help get the seat out of the way as you roll over obstacles on the way down. If you’re not too worried, then head on down the Powerline Road for about 25m and keep an eye out for the trail on the right side. The Eagle Bluff North Trail, starts off chucky, transitions to flowy in the middle and finishes with some steep switchbacks; the switchbacks are the most difficult part so remember to watch your speed and pick good lines.  

At the bottom of the Eagle Bluffs Trail you’ll meet up with the Academy Trail, which you’ll follow left and out onto the road. You’ll ride the road for a bit before making your way into Bert Flinn Park for some mountain bike trails. If the descent from the bluffs was enough single track for you there are a few trails you can take that cut through the park and bypass the technical riding (Bert Flinn Loop Trail)If you’re heading into the single track, most features have ride arounds, so you can pick and choose which ones you feel like trying.  

As you leave the park, you jump back on the road and make your way back to Rocky Point Park. There are some wonderful breweries here, if you’re feeling parched after all that riding. There’s the option to ride as much gravel or road as you want on the way home, depending on how you’re feeling. There are a few parks and beaches on the way home if you feel like a quick dip or break to cool off.  

This route is a great ride, full of a variety of experiences, but it’s not the kind of ride you look back on and see what your average power was, if you catch my meaning.  

Ride Summary


67 km



Est. Moving Time:

1.5 HRS


3 Burritos





Ride Highlights